The Nabu REST API has methods for querying our database of price estimates.

If you don't yet have an API key, visit the Request API Key page to apply for one. If you already have the key, remember to always pass its value in the x-api-key header when making requests.

API keys are usually rate limited, and will allow up to 10 requests per second with a burst (concurrency) of 50 requests.

Not every collection has price estimates. We currently support PFP collections that fulfill at least the following criteria:

  • a sufficient number of tokens minted
  • a sufficient number of traits in the tokens metadata
  • sufficient sales history for at least some tokens
    What constitutes sufficient may vary depending on the abundance of data in other criteria.

If when querying the latest price for a token you receive a contract_status of pending, that means that we have queued that collection to be priced for the first time now (your query has effectively "added" the collection to our database), and after a couple of minutes a new query for that token might return an estimated price.